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Child Pool Safety Fence | Essential Features

Pool Guard USA - Child Pool Safety Fence

A child pool safety fence is an essential component for any pool owner. There are many child-proof fences out on the market but don’t assume they meet the strict pool safety requirements. Not all baby fences make for a secure child pool safety fence. When assessing all features for your child pool safety fence there are a few you can’t afford to miss.

A child pool safety fence should meet the following key safety points:

  • Scalability – Non-Climbable Surface

    From fences with panels, chain link fences & the popular – mesh pool fence, one thing all these must accomplish is preventing access. They cannot be climbable. Children are very curious and can easily view a fence more like a simple hurdle. Therefore, a secure pool fence cannot allow for a handhold or foothold. These leverage points make it easy for a child to scale the fence. No handholds or footholds!

  • Durability – Standard Guidelines & Withstanding the Elements

    Make sure the pool fence has the ASTM International seal of approval. This is the American Society for Testing Materials develops and publishes safety standards accepted by the industry. In addition to this, take into account how the pool fence material stands up to the weather. A wrought iron fence or chain link can rust in time. A wooden fence can rot.

  • Full Coverage – Child Pool Safety Fence Height & Perimeter

    A fence should be at least 4 to 5 feet tall. But this can vary by state. Check with your home insurance company to verify the minimum height. Also, consider how the fence will cover the perimeter of the pool. It is better to cover all sides with the fence barrier as opposed to using the house as one of the sides of the barriers. All four sides should include the pool fence for its safety.

  • Visibility – Maintaining Supervision

    Can you easily see through the fence to see the activity in the pool? If you cannot add clear supervision to the mix rethink the type of fence you want.

If you are looking for a pool safety fence that ticks off all the marks, consider our Pool Guard fences. Known for their high-quality performance and backed with a warranty, you can rest assured. We have been making pools safe for kids for over 20 years.

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