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Removable Mesh Pool Fence | Benefits

Pool Guard USA - Removable Mesh Pool Fence

A removable mesh pool fence is often thought of as a backup option to other fence choices on the market. But, this much-underrated pool barrier has much to offer that can put it on the top of your list.

Common misconceptions about a removable mesh pool fence can dwell on its aesthetics, affordability, and durability. We’ve heard it all. “It will look like an eye sore,” “It costs too much,” “it’s made of mesh, it can’t be that strong.”

Can a removable mesh fence outperform other pool fence barriers? Here’s a quick breakdown of what makes this product outperform the rest.

Removable Mesh Pool Fence Benefits:


Mesh fencing is more affordable. For a nice powder-coated wrought iron fence, you would be spending quite a bit more money. Expect to spend several hundred more than you would with the mesh pool fence.

Transparent Visibility:

The mesh fencing system is completely see-through and does not give you that “jail cell” type of look. Mesh fencing preserves views and more importantly offers the complete see-through capability to your pool.

Luxurious Pool Deck Appeal:

The mesh pool fencing opens up your yard more, especially those back yards that aren’t that big. The mesh fence is less obtrusive than other types of fencing thus giving you a feel of more space. Our mesh pool fences are sleek and seamless which achieve that ideal “staycation” look.

Optimal Functionality – Quickly Removable

This pool fencing system is removable. When you have proper adult supervision and want to open your backyard up, you can remove it. You can’t do that with wrought iron, glass, or a chain link fence.

Durability and Safety:

Our mesh fencing is safe, and durable and comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. It adheres to the ASTM International (American Society for Testing Materials) standards.

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