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Cost of a Pool Fence: What You Need to Know

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When you first bought your pool, or if you’re looking at buying one now, you were probably extremely excited to get the whole nine yards, a fancy poolside entertainment area, all the great pool toys, and a luxurious fence that keeps unwanted guests out.

That was until you saw the cost of a pool fence and realized that they’re not cheap.

Depending on what you get, you can expect to pay a hefty percentage of what you paid for your pool to get one and have it installed.

However, it’s an expense that is well worth every penny.

To help you understand why pool fences are expensive and how they’re actually a great value, we’ve put together this quick guide.

How Much Does a Pool Fence Cost?

On average, a pool fence costs between $1500 and $2700. However, if you have a large pool area to fence in, complicated landscaping to work around, or unique fencing needs, that price can grow quite a bit.

This is because a pool fence needs to meet certain specifications that aren’t required for other fences in order to properly work. There is a lot of activity around a pool, and the consequences of someone or something getting through the fence without permission can be far more serious than with standard yard fences.

Why are Pool Fences a Good Value?

At first glance, many pool owners think that a pool fence is a simple luxury meant to keep unwanted neighbors from swimming while they’re not home. That’s one use, and it definitely serves that purpose, but you actually get much more value out of a pool fence than just security against unwanted swimmers.

1: Preventing Drownings

Unfortunately, three out of four U.S. child drowning victims drown in an at-home pool. This occurs when children sneak out of the home and go for a swim without supervision, and there’s no one there to help when something goes wrong but, the majority occur when adults are present.

A pool fence that is properly built plays a vital role in preventing child drownings.

Pool fences are made to prevent children from climbing, crawling underneath, or sliding between sections of the fence. They’re far harder to get around than your average chain-link yard fence. To get around the fence, they’ll need your help, and then you can properly monitor them as they swim.

This can keep your child from innocently going for a swim on their own and ending up in a tragic situation.

Child pool safety is more than enough reason to get a pool fence, and it’s one of the main value-additions of a pool safety fence.

2: Preventing Liability

Protecting your own children is instinct, but did you know that you’re actually liable for any injuries or deaths that occur in your pool? Even if you did not give someone, adult or child, permission to swim, if you don’t meet certain regulatory standards, you can be held liable for injuries and deaths that occur from trespassing.

That means that if your neighbor’s child sneaks over, goes for a swim, and drowns in your unprotected pool, it’s not just a tragedy for the community; it can result in charges and lawsuits depending on the laws in your municipality.

Even a grown adult who decides to trespass and use your unprotected pool can take legal action if they slip and fall, break a bone, or worse.

If you have a proper pool fence installed, you’re protected from legal action because you did everything in your power to protect your pool and keep everyone safe.

If you don’t have one, it’s considered not doing your duty as a responsible pool owner to properly restrict access to such a dangerous addition to your home and may even be a crime for not meeting municipal codes in your area.

3: Protecting Pets

Pets and wild animals are just like trespassers. They’ll come to your property whenever they want. Except, they’re obviously not consciously trying to commit a crime or invade your privacy.

As such, they can get into your pool and drown, as well.

Pet pool fences are designed to keep the vast majority of animals out.

What Specific Factors Affect Pool Fence Costs?

A pool fence might be an amazing value because it can prevent life-changing events from happening and it can prevent crippling legal problems, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to reduce your costs properly.

Here are the different factors you’ll need to consider that can reduce pool fence costs without sacrificing quality and value.

1: Height

The taller your pool fence is, the more it will cost. There’s more material used, and it gets more difficult to install. It’s best to choose a pool fence that is tall enough to meet your needs without being too excessive. Be sure to check your local fence codes for required minimum heights for pool safety fence.

Cost of a Pool Fence: Recommended Height


2: Ground Material

It costs more to install a pool fence into pavers, elaborate tile, and other surfaces that many pool owners enjoy due to their luxurious and low-maintenance benefits. So, if you want to cut back costs a bit, consider having the fence surround those surfaces or go with a surface material that is easier to work with, such as a concrete pool deck.

3: Pool Size

Larger projects cost more money no matter what the project is. The same is true for pool fences. If you have a large pool with even more space dedicated to poolside seating and entertainment, it will cost far more to install a pool fence than it would if you had a smaller pool area.

When purchasing a pool, keep in mind that the cost of your pool fence will scale up along with the size of the pool you’re looking at.

4: Number of Gates

Finally, installing pool gates cost more than basic fencing of the same type. They’re also slower to install than fence panels regardless of the material you choose for your fence.

So, each gate you have installed will increase the price of the fence slightly. One gate is typically enough for most residential pools.

Get Your Pool Fence from Pool Guard

Understanding the various factors that contribute to the cost of a pool fence can help you make an informed decision that balances both safety and budget.

If you want a great deal on a pool fence that provides all the value we’ve talked about here, check out Pool Guard USA for durable pool fences with an included limited lifetime warranty.

We offer the best prices on top-quality pool fences and other pool safety barriers, and our professional team can help you find the perfect fence design for your pool.

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