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Safety Fence for Pool | Functional Beauty

Pool Guard USA - Safety Fence for Pool | Functional Beauty

A safety fence for pool is the most important pool equipment you will need. Drown prevention is its sole purpose. Strong, durable, and sturdy enough to weather the harsh elements, this protective pool barrier is meant to be impenetrable.

Given this description, the image of the typical safety fence for the pool gives the impression of an ugly barricade. But, the right pool fence doesn’t have to be a backyard eyesore. Our mesh pool fences combine safety with aesthetics. So, your pool oasis can be secure & picture perfect – all the time.

What makes our pool safety fences the perfect choice?

Pool Guard’s Pool Fence Aesthetic Advantage

Unobstructed Visibility
Our safety mesh is ASTM certified – meeting the highest standards in safety. In addition to this, our mesh allows for the highest degree of visibility, compared to other products on the market. Unlike, a vinyl panel fence, wood, or wrought iron, you can see clearly through the mesh material.

Custom Made
Whether you have a traditional pool or one with curves, our fences follow the exact contours of your pool. The flow of your backyard is uninterrupted. Our pool fences are efficient with space.

Some pools have a multi-tiered structure with steps or slopes. Our pool security fence can easily be designed to work with unique terrain.

Removable Mesh Pool Fence
Our safety fence for the pool is removable. It can be taken down in less than 15 minutes! Your backyard can be pool party ready in minutes.

Looking for a pool fence that complements your backyard while still delivering the highest degree of safety? Let a Pool Guard swimming pool gate enhance the appearance of your pool.

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