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Temporary Pool Fencing | Know The Basics

Pool Guard USA - Temporary Pool Fencing

Can temporary pool fencing provide the level of security your pool requires? When you think of safeguarding your pool, a temporary pool fencing may not be your first thought. When images of temporary pool fencing pop up in your mind what do you see? Perhaps a flimsy plastic child fence not meant for the pool is what comes up. Or maybe you see a “no holes” mesh pool fence that you are scrutinizing. Before you spend any of your hard earned money on a removable pool fence make sure you get the best on the market.

Temporary Pool Fencing – Three Basic Indispensable Traits:

  • Dependable – Temporary pool fencing that meets pool safety standards

    The most vital pre-condition a swimming pool fence must meet are the ASTM standards. The American Society for Testing and Materials Standards Organization is recognized by the industry as the leader in safety standards. They develop the guidelines products must meet to be considered safe. The product should have ASTM approval.

  • Durable – Quality of Materials and Structure

    At Pool Guard we’ve been making pool safe for over 20 years. Our superior mesh pool fence was specifically made to perform as a protective pool barrier. With the strongest non-climbable mesh, and rods that insert into to ground, our product meets and excels ASTM standards. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Versatile – Visibility and Ease of Removal

    Our swimming mesh pool fence allows for great visibility. You can see through it and monitor any activity quickly. And when it comes time to remove it, it takes less than 15 minutes.

Our quality Pool Guard fencing also comes in different colors to match your pool’s color scheme. Take a peek at our pool fences and see what Pool Guard can do for your. Let us help you keep your pool safe.

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