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4 Backyard Swimming Safety Tips

swimming pool gatesWith the warm weather approaching, it is easy to get excited for all the fun you will have in your pool this summer. It is easy to say that millions of Americans look forward to relaxing and cooling off in their pools and hot tubs, with 10.4 million residential and 309,000 public swimming pools all over the nation. But the sad reality is that drowning is a huge risk associated with swimming. One in five people who die from drowning are children under 14 years old, giving parents a whole new set of worries once summer sets in.

But follow these backyard swimming safety tips in order to be worry-free this summer!

1. Check for clarity
All pool owners have opened their pool for the first time and noticed the green murky water lying underneath the cover. It is crucial that you fix this as water clarity is important not just for keeping an eye out on your kids, but to prevent bacterial infections or rashes.

2. Establish rules
It is important for everyone to have the same understanding of safety rules. This can include no diving, no going underwater without a parent present, and walking at all times.

3. Swimming Lessons
It is a shocking fact that most Americans think they can swim just fine, but a recent survey shows that 44% don’t know basic water safety skills. So in order to ensure everyone is as safe as they can be, enroll the entire family in proper swimming lessons. This will make sure everyone is safe, happy, and healthy when in the water.

4. Invest in swimming pool gates
Having barriers between the pool and your young children is the only way to make sure they do not get in the pool unattended. Safety guard fences, swimming pool gates, along with pool nets and covers are all great options to keep your kids dry and safe.

Pool Guard USA is a swimming pool fencing company specializing in different safety barriers that will prevent drowning and other swimming related injuries. If you are interested in learning more about any of the options they offer, call their experts today!

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